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Project Funding

We invest in projects that catalyse the energy transition. We provide equity, debt finance, and green loans to entrepreneurs, manufacturers, developers, and corporate entities.

Project Development

We have been involved in the development of innovative renewable energy projects such as waste to energy and solar systems throughout Africa. Ghanergize Power has established strong links with the government and private sector groups.

Partnership Management

Ghanergize Power has developed a large network of expert partners. We work with companies such as ATKINS to develop a full turnkey project to deliver for our clients.



Ghanergize Power and partners are looking to seize on this opportunity in Ghana and build a sustainable, renewable energy provider.


Ghanergize Power is a clean energy advisory and development group grounded in the European traditions for environmental foresight and social responsibility. Specialising in the opportunities generated by the global transition to a sustainable economy, Ghanergize Power advises and invests in companies and projects.


Ghanergize power works in the areas of:


Corporate and Project Finance Solutions:

Provides financial and strategic advice to energy-intensive industries, financial institutions, and clean technology companies;


  • includes private equity and public/private debt fundraising, M&A advisory and sector-specific technical advisory to institutional and other professional investors.

  • Principal investments: incubates, develops, and invests in sustainable infrastructure projects that facilitate the transition to a low carbon economy.


We are excited by the opportunities in Ghana. We have identified Ghana as one of the most attractive regions for us to participate in the creation of new, sustainable energy production, across solar and waste to energy.




Ghana faces strong economic growth and improving standards of living, which in turn is challenged by the need for improving infrastructure and power supply. At the same time, Ghana's stable political and legislative systems and wealth of natural resources position the region with a unique opportunity to meet international demand for green growth, forest protection and C02 reductions.


Ghanergize Power and our experienced partners are looking to seize on this opportunity and build a sustainable, renewable energy provider. Our vision is to build the first, industrial waste to energy power plant in the region and removal of over 750MT waste per day.

Aaron Armah - CEO

In Ghana, Aaron has worked on several projects, including construction, aviation and natural resources.  He has diverse connections in Ghana and has worked along different party lines to deliver various projects in the last ten years.

Jerry Turner - Commercial Director

Commercial strategist and energy consultant. Background in telecoms, waste to energy solutions and commercial negotiations for multi-national corporations



Waste to energy

Ghana’s first project to produce electricity from non-segregated waste. Using an innovative technology called gasification, a conservatively estimated 750 metric tonnes of waste per day will produce 37 megawatts of electricity every hour (372,000 Mwh per year). Even better, there will be no emission, landfill or other waste from the process. Under the gasification technology, mixed waste will be treated at ultra-high temperature in the absence of oxygen to produce a synthetic gas that will be used further for production of electricity.

How does this work?

The Ultra High Temperature Hydrology (UHTH)  Reaction process technology has been developed as a state of the art

solution for the eradication of all forms of MSW and Toxic Materials that are typically sent to the local landfill sites. UHTH

technology has been developed and tested successfully over the past 20 years, and this is the first time the technology has

been made available outside of Europe.

How will this be funded?

 A fully privately funded Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Waste to Energy (WTE)  initiative, in line with the best World and European practices, legislation and Health and Safety, for MSW eradication. A 25-year Build, Own and Operate (commercial operation) WTE Plant, with a capacity to receive the daily MSW received/collected from major residential towns/areas in to be processed to electricity for the community and backed by a Government PPA.

How will this waste to energy plant be operated?

A WTE Plant can be located adjacent to an existing dumpsite, on 5 to 6 hectare plot to be assigned with good access. One main advantage of the new WTE plant being sited adjacent to the existing MSW dump site is, there are existing garbage trucks already accessing the site, so very little new infrastructure will be required to divert the existing dump trucks to the new WTE Plant. 

The plant will be fully operated by ATKINS on a turnkey basis.







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